About Me

Hi! I’m Abhigyan Mahanta, a web developer from India. I created Blogsepaise back in 2019 when I started freelancing as a web developer full-time. Blogsepaise’s mission is to help users make informed decisions before they decide to invest their money in SAAS/software for their business or website.

Blogsepaise started as a Hindi blog, hence the name Blogsepaise to advise beginner affiliate marketers on making progress as an affiliate and increase traffic to their websites. But I realized that I could reach a broader audience if I change the language to English.

The goal of Blogsepaise is to now review the essential software that are vital in managing a website and increasing its revenue over time. The Affiliate’s Corner is a nice place to start if you have decided to become an affiliate marketer and want to generate passive income from your website.

I try to find simple and affordable alternatives for the expensive software and tools that do the same job as the expensive ones, if not better. I hope you enjoy my in-depth software review articles.

If you require further assistance, feel free to visit the contact page or send an email to support@blogsepaise.com