20 Best Education Affiliate Programs of Jul, 2024

by Abhigyan

Are you looking to make some extra money while promoting educational resources and services? Then you might want to consider joining one of the best education affiliate programs of 2024. 

These programs offer a fantastic opportunity to earn commissions by recommending top-notch educational products to your audience.

In 2024, the education industry is booming, with more and more people seeking online courses, tutoring services, and educational resources to further their knowledge and skills. 

From language learning apps to coding bootcamps, there’s a wide range of products to promote, catering to diverse interests and age groups.

The best education affiliate programs not only offer competitive commission rates but also provide valuable resources and support to help you succeed. 

You’ll have access to high-quality marketing materials, promotional tools, and insider knowledge to effectively promote the products to your audience.

Many of these programs foster a sense of community among their affiliates, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals, share best practices, and even collaborate on joint promotional efforts.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the best education affiliate programs that you can promote on your education niche blog or on your social media channels.

Some of these programs are managed via affiliate networks like ShareASale and Impact and some have their own separate affiliate signup process.

If you’re having trouble joining the popular affiliate aggregator networks as a new affiliate marketer, make sure to check out our guide which will help you get accepted into these affiliate networks.

Let’s take a look at the top education affiliate programs of July, 2024.

Disclosure: Some of the links I share might be affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission as a thank you. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything extra. I only recommend stuff I genuinely believe in. Your support helps me keep creating awesome content. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my disclaimer page.

PrepScholar is an online education platform founded in 2013 with a mission to help high school students get into their dream colleges.

They do this by offering two main things: personalized test prep and college admissions guidance.

Their test prep programs use smart technology to figure out your strengths and weaknesses in the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL exams.

Then, they create a custom study plan that focuses on the areas where you need the most improvement.

PrepScholar also offers one-on-one tutoring with experienced instructors who scored in the top 1% on their respective exams.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 10% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 days
  • Contact: prepscholar@gen3marketing.com
  • Apply link: Click here

2. Prep Expert

Prep Expert is an online education company that specializes in helping high school students ace the SAT and ACT exams.

Founded by Dr. Shaan Patel, a perfect scorer himself, Prep Expert offers a range of resources to boost test scores and college admissions chances. 

Their programs include live online courses, pre-recorded video lessons, and personalized one-on-one tutoring. 

All instructors are highly qualified, with some even coming from top universities like Harvard and Yale.

Prep Expert is known for its unique “Perfect Score Strategies” and focus on helping students from all backgrounds improve, regardless of their starting score. 

They boast impressive results, with students on average raising their SAT scores by over 1,000 points and ACT scores by over 10 points.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 10% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 60 days
  • Contact: affiliate@prepexpert.com
  • Apply link: Click here

3. The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy is a company specializing in online and in-person courses that equip individuals with the skills to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). 

They claim to be the world’s leading TEFL course provider, with over 200,000 graduates and accreditation from government regulated bodies in both the USA and UK. 

Their courses cater to aspiring teachers with varying needs, offering both Level 3 and Level 5 TEFL certifications. 

The TEFL Academy prides itself on its experienced trainers, all of whom are qualified TEFL teachers with years of real-world experience.

The company also provide access to exclusive resources like a TEFL jobs board listing vacancies worldwide, internship and volunteer placements, and ongoing support throughout your teaching journey.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 15% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 15% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 days
  • Contact: hello@theteflacademy.com
  • Apply link: Click here

4. The Tuttle Twins

The Tuttle Twins is a company built around a series of children’s books created by Connor Boyack. 

The books aim to introduce young readers to concepts of economics, politics, and individual liberty. They target parents who want their children to understand free market principles and be critical thinkers.

The Tuttle Twins company itself is relatively small. They sell their books directly through their website and collaborate with other organizations that share their values. 

They also have a presence on social media, where they engage with parents and educators interested in their approach to teaching children about social studies.

You’ll earn a 15%-30% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 15%-30% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 days
  • Contact: sheila@libertas.org
  • Apply link: Click here

5. Knowadays

Knowadays is a UK-based company offering online courses designed to equip individuals and teams with valuable professional skills. 

They cater to learners seeking a flexible way to develop their careers or launch new ventures. 

Knowadays’ curriculum, created by industry experts, covers a range of in-demand areas such as proofreading, editing, freelance writing, public speaking, and even using AI for content creation. 

Their courses are designed to be focused and effective, ensuring graduates possess the skills and confidence to thrive in their chosen field. 

Beyond the curriculum itself, Knowadays sets itself apart through its commitment to student success. 

They provide one-on-one support from experienced tutors, ensuring learners receive personalized guidance throughout the program.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 10% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 90 days
  • Contact: affiliates@knowadays.com
  • Apply link: Click here

6. Coach Training Alliance

The Coach Training Alliance (CTA) is a global organization dedicated to training and certifying life coaches. 

Established with the goal of empowering individuals to reach their full potential, CTA offers programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading authority in professional coaching. 

With over 16,000 graduates worldwide, CTA is a recognized leader in the field, known for its high-quality curriculum and commitment to student success.

Their life coach certification programs equip aspiring coaches with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to become sought-after professionals. 

The programs are designed to be comprehensive, covering areas like coaching ethics, core coaching competencies, and practical coaching techniques.

CTA also offers self-study options and advanced programs for experienced coaches looking to further refine their skills.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 15% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 15% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 365 days
  • Contact: Support@CoachTrainingAlliance.com
  • Apply link: Click here

7. Knetbooks

Knetbooks is a company dedicated to helping college students save money on textbooks. 

Founded in 2009, they understood the high cost of textbooks and created a platform for students to rent them instead of buying. 

This allows students to access the required materials without the burden of expensive purchases, and at the end of the semester, they can simply return the textbooks. 

Knetbooks offers a wide selection of used and unwanted textbooks, with a straightforward rental process and free shipping options. 

In 2011, a major textbook retailer recognized Knetbooks’ success and acquired the company. 

This led to an expanded inventory, faster delivery times, and a dedicated customer service team – all while maintaining their focus on low rental prices.

Their affiliate program is managed via CJ Affiliate and ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 8% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 8% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 45 days
  • Contact: affiliates@knetbooks.com
  • Apply link: Click here

8. Nasco Education

Nasco Education is dedicated to supporting educators with the tools they need to create engaging learning experiences for students from kindergarten all the way through high school. 

Their mission is to empower teachers by providing them with hands-on resources, curriculum materials, and professional development opportunities.

Nasco Education understands the challenges faced by educators and focuses on offering solutions that make their job easier. 

They boast a wide selection of teaching tools, student kits, and STEM curriculum materials that encourage active participation and foster a love of learning. 

Whether a teacher is looking for resources for science experiments, art projects, or career readiness programs, Nasco Education has something to suit their needs.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 5% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 5% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 14 days
  • Contact: nasco@gen3marketing.com
  • Apply link: Click here

9. CrackCerts

CrackCerts is a company specializing in online resources to help individuals ace professional certification exams. 

Their primary focus seems to be on practice tests that provide detailed explanations alongside the questions. 

This allows users to understand not only the correct answer but also the reasoning behind it. 

CrackCerts offers a money-back guarantee on their success, suggesting a high level of confidence in their materials. 

Additionally, they provide free trials for their courses, enabling potential customers to test the platform before committing.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 40% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 40% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 90 days
  • Contact: support@crackcerts.com
  • Apply link: Click here

10. VTR Learning

VTR Learning is a company specializing in continuing education courses for busy professionals. 

Established over a decade ago, they’ve built a reputation for providing high-quality learning experiences. 

Their courses cater to various accreditation bodies including those for human resources professionals (HRCI, SHRM), accountants (AICPA), psychologists (APA), and association executives (ASAE).

Their courses are entirely online and self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own speed and schedule. 

This makes them ideal for professionals with demanding work hours who need to fit professional development around their existing commitments. 

VTR Learning offers a comprehensive course catalog, including options for HR recertification and CPA continuing education (CPE) credits. 

Their user-friendly platform guides you through the course materials step-by-step, ensuring a smooth and efficient learning experience.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 15% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 15% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 60 days
  • Contact:  caitlyn@vtrpro.com
  • Apply link: Click here

11. KodeKloud

KodeKloud is an online learning platform specializing in DevOps and cloud computing education. Their mission is to make DevOps education accessible and practical for everyone. 

Founded in 2019, KodeKloud has grown rapidly, boasting over 1M+ students worldwide. 

They focus on creating immersive learning experiences that go beyond theory, providing students with hands-on labs and practice environments to solidify their understanding.

Their course library covers a wide range of DevOps topics, including popular tools and technologies like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. 

They also offer learning paths that structure courses for specific goals, such as becoming a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA).  

KodeKloud’s emphasis on affordability and quality has made them a popular choice for individuals and organizations alike, looking to bridge the skills gap in the ever-evolving DevOps landscape.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 10%-30% recurring commission per sale.

  • Commission: 10%-30% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 60 days
  • Contact:  affiliates@kodekloud.com
  • Apply link: Click here

12. Readability

Readability is a company focused on helping young children become confident and skilled readers. 

They’ve developed a mobile app specifically designed to make learning fun and engaging. The app incorporates several powerful tools to tackle different aspects of reading development. 

Interactive questions based on the stories ensure comprehension and keep kids actively involved. Readability doesn’t stop there. 

They’ve packed the app with fun content and exciting games to keep children motivated on their reading journey. 

Parents can also track their child’s progress in real-time, allowing them to celebrate milestones and identify areas for further practice. 

With Readability, both children and parents have a valuable resource to make learning to read a positive and rewarding experience.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a $15 commission per sale.

  • Commission: $15 per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 days
  • Contact:  crista@advertisepurple.com
  • Apply link: Click here

13. LanguageTool

LanguageTool offers a free and open-source grammar, style, and spell checking software. 

Launched in 2003, it allows users to download the core functionality and check their writing in over 30 languages. 

This includes working seamlessly with popular productivity tools like Microsoft Word and web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. 

LanguageTool also offers a paid premium version with advanced features like improved error detection for specific languages and easier revision options for lengthy texts. 

This freemium model caters to both casual users and professionals who require a more robust editing experience.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 50% commission per sale and $1.1 per browser add-on installation.

  • Commission: 50% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 60 days
  • Contact:  affiliates@languagetooler.com
  • Apply link: Click here

14. Thinkific

Thinkific is a Canadian software company founded in 2012 that empowers individuals to become online educators. 

Their platform provides all the tools creators need to design, launch, and sell online courses, memberships, and even communities. 

Thinkific focuses on giving educators control over their content and pricing, allowing them to keep all their revenue without hidden fees.

The platform itself is user-friendly, offering features for building courses with multimedia elements like videos, audio, and text. 

Thinkific also provides marketing tools to help creators promote their offerings and analytics to track student progress and personalize the learning experience.

If you would like to know more about Thinkific and how to promote it, check my in-depth Thinkific review.

Their affiliate program is managed via PartnerStack.

You’ll earn a 30% recurring commission per sale.

  • Commission: 30% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 90 days
  • Contact:  thinkific@allinclusivemarketing.com
  • Apply link: Click here

15. American Health Care Academy

American Health Care Academy is a company offering certifications in CPR, First Aid, and other healthcare related fields. 

Their target audience includes both medical professionals and laypeople who want to be prepared for emergencies. 

They provide online and blended learning options, allowing students to complete coursework at their own pace. 

The instructors are OSHA-trained and adhere to the latest American Heart Association and ECC guidelines. 

American Health Care Academy emphasizes the importance of customer service and offers nationally recognized certifications that are valid for two years.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 12% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 12% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 15 days
  • Contact:  sam.b@advertisepurple.com
  • Apply link: Click here

16. Lesson Planet

Founded in 1999, Lesson Planet is a education company based in Santa Barbara, California. Their mission is to support educators by providing a treasure trove of teacher-reviewed resources. 

This online library offers lesson plans, worksheets, presentations, and even educational videos, all designed to supplement learning from kindergarten through high school.

Lesson Planet caters to both traditional and non-traditional education styles. Their searchable database allows educators to find resources by grade level and subject, ensuring a perfect fit for their specific needs. 

Lesson Planet offers a mix of free and paid digital content. This allows educators on a budget to find valuable lesson ideas and activities, while providing a premium option for those seeking in-depth materials.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 20% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 20% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 45 days
  • Contact:  support@LessonPlanet.com
  • Apply link: Click here

17. myTEFL

myTEFL is a company that provides TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training and certification programs. 

Founded in 2011, they offer a variety of options to suit different needs and learning styles. 

Whether you prefer the flexibility of online courses or the immersive experience of onsite programs in locations like Thailand, Spain, and Argentina, myTEFL has you covered.

Their courses are designed to be practical and effective, focusing on real-world teaching skills you can use in the classroom. 

They also go beyond just teaching you grammar rules. myTEFL emphasizes techniques for classroom management, lesson planning, and engaging students from diverse backgrounds.

myTEFL understands that getting certified is just the first step. That’s why they offer free job placement services to help connect graduates with schools eager to hire qualified teachers.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 18%-22% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 18%-22% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 90 days
  • Contact:  tyler@mytefl.com
  • Apply link: Click here

18. Knowledgehut

KnowledgeHut, acquired by the ed-tech company upGrad, is a global leader in providing professional certification courses. 

Founded in 2011, they offer a wide range of programs designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to thrive in today’s job market. 

Their course catalog focuses on in-demand areas like project management (PMP), Agile methodologies (CSM, CSPO), information technology (IT) service management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and data science. 

KnowledgeHut caters to both individual learners and businesses seeking to upskill their workforce. 

They deliver their training through various formats, including online courses, virtual classrooms, and even traditional classroom settings. 

Their focus on outcome-based learning ensures students gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience to make an immediate impact in their careers. 

KnowledgeHut also boasts partnerships with leading global professional bodies, further solidifying the credibility of their certifications.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 10% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 15 days
  • Contact:  affiliate@knowledgehut.com
  • Apply link: Click here

19. Scribendi

Scribendi is a leading online company specializing in editing and proofreading services. They cater to a broad range of clients, from students and academics to business professionals and authors. 

With a global network of over 400 freelance editors, Scribendi offers expertise in various fields, including technical writing, scientific research, and creative content.

Their services go beyond basic grammar and punctuation checks. Scribendi editors ensure clarity, flow, and consistency in your writing, making it polished and professional. 

They even have a specific service for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners, helping them refine their writing skills.

In recent years, Scribendi has embraced innovation by launching its artificial intelligence (AI) arm, Scribendi.ai. 

This technology is designed to enhance the work of human editors and improve the overall customer experience.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 15% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 15% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 90 days
  • Contact:  marketing@scribendi.com
  • Apply link: Click here

20. Hand2mind

Hand2mind is a company dedicated to helping children learn by doing. 

The company believes that actively engaging with learning materials fosters a deeper understanding and boosts confidence in students. 

They offer a wide range of over 8,000 educational and supplemental resources, catering to math, science, reading, language arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education.

Their product line includes popular brands like Hands-On Standards, VersaTiles, and Cuisenaire Rods. 

These encompass manipulatives, curriculum-based tools that students can interact with physically, alongside instructional content and digital applications.

Hand2mind aims to create captivating and age-appropriate learning experiences that spark curiosity and a love for learning in students from preschool all the way to high school graduation.

Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale.

You’ll earn a 10% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 days
  • Contact:  info@hand2mind.com
  • Apply link: Click here

Final Thoughts On Education Affiliate Programs

One of the greatest advantages of promoting educational products is the inherent value they provide to your audience. 

By recommending high-quality courses, tutoring services, or learning resources, you’re not just earning commissions – you’re actively contributing to the personal and professional growth of those who trust your recommendations.

Moreover, the education affiliate programs we’ve explored offer a supportive community and valuable resources to help you succeed. 

From comprehensive training materials to engaging marketing campaigns, you’ll have access to the tools you need to effectively promote the products and maximize your earning potential.

So, whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or simply someone passionate about education, take the leap and explore the best education affiliate programs of 2024. 

The future of education is bright, and the rewards for those who promote it are truly limitless!


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