20 Essential Chrome Extensions For Affiliate Bloggers

by Abhigyan

If you’re an affiliate blogger, you know that time is your most precious commodity.

Finding ways to work more efficiently is critical when you have multiple blogs to manage, posts to write, products to create, and an audience to engage. 

The right Chrome extensions for bloggers can make all the difference.

I want to share 20 of my must-have Chrome extensions that help me stay productive as a blogger.

Whether you need to streamline research, better organize content, check grammar, take screenshots, or other tasks, these extensions have got you covered.

Even if you only use Google Chrome sparingly or if you prefer using Brave brower like me, you’re going to want these plugins in your toolkit!

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The Page Analytics GA4 Chrome extension is an incredibly useful SEO tool that displays valuable Google Analytics data directly on any webpage. 

As a successor to Google’s old Page Analytics plugin, this new extension provides powerful insights for content creators, marketers, developers and more.

Compatible with WordPress sites, Shopify stores, Squarespace pages, Wix sites and virtually any other platform, Page Analytics works seamlessly. 

Once installed, it surfaces key Google Analytics metrics on every page including views, bounce rates, conversions, and more.

Additionally, the click heatmap feature reveals where visitors go next after interacting with your content. 

You’re also provided search analytics to see the specific terms and links people use to find your pages on Google.

To access all these robust analytics directly through Chrome, you simply need a Google Analytics account for the site in question. 

It only takes minutes to set up at analytics.google.com if you don’t have one already.

2. Toby


If there’s one universally frustrating thing for all bloggers alike, it’s accidentally closing a browser tab you still needed open!

In one heart-stopping moment hours of research or unfinished posts can disappear, which is why I can’t live without Toby.

This clever Chrome extension allows you to retrieve accidentally closed tabs no matter how long it’s been.

Toby runs silently in the background capturing snapshots if your open tabs so you can restore them, even if it’s been days later with a smooth one-click process.

Browsing without fear knowing you have tabs backup is priceless!

3. Text Blaze


No matter how fast you can type redundant text eventually takes its toll resulting in typos and eating up precious time better spent creating content. 

Text Blaze solves this by allowing you to create custom text snippets, signatures, emails, and more which can be inserted anywhere with a simple hotkey. 

In just a few keystrokes I can autofill my email signature complete with links on the fly versus copying and pasting or manually typing. 

The hours upon hours this extension has given back are truly invaluable.

4. Check My Links


Having broken links on your website can frustrate visitors, undermine user experience, and negatively impact SEO.

But manually validating that all your links work properly across potentially hundreds of posts is extremely tedious.

That’s where Check My Links comes in – this invaluable extension automatically crawls every page on your site identifying any broken internal or external links.

It generates a full report detailing every issue found and the associated URL so you can efficiently address them.

Rather than wasting hours playing link inspector, let Check My Links do the heavy lifting while you focus on creating content.

5. Momentum


Momentum completely transforms your new tab page into a personal dashboard to set the tone for productivity.

Instead of a blank page, you’re greeted with an inspiring quote that refreshes daily.

But it doesn’t stop there – Momentum allows you to create to-do lists and add countdown timers right on this custom landing page so everything you need to stay on task is centralized.

One of my favorite elements is the ability to set a daily focus topic that prominently displays as a reminder each time I open a new tab.

Momentum essentially helps declutter your mind so you can zero in on priorities.

6. Pocket


With the lightning pace of the digital world, intriguing content constantly catches our eye despite lacking time to dive in right away.

Rather than losing track of articles or forgetting them altogether, Pocket enables one-click bookmarking of stories, pages, videos or social posts to revisit later at your leisure.

To elevate organization, you can even add customizable tags to content added into Pocket.

This creates an automated reference library of reading materials brimming with potential that you can consult anytime inspiration strikes.

Pocket helps you harness captivating resources that would’ve otherwise been forgotten in the digital ether through frictionless access to personalized content repositories.

7. MozBar


Backlink quality plays a major role in search rankings, which is why vetting resources before linking is critical.

MozBar simplifies this by displaying a domain authority metric when browsing sites based on credibility factors like inbound links.

You can also access and compare link metrics across pages while viewing any SERP, as well as find page elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status.

The extension allows to export your search engine results page (SERP) analysis details to a CSV file.

Instead of digging through multiple tools, get an instant snapshot of site trustworthiness right on the page, ensuring whatever links or references you incorporate won’t dilute your own authority.

8. Evernote Web Clipper


Researching topics requires aggregating content from countless sources. But failing to properly organize materials makes follow-up tedious.

Evernote Web Clipper enables one-click saving of any webpage section, full article, image, PDF, and more directly into your Evernote notebooks without even leaving Chrome.

It clips the content along with the source URL for easy access later.

This allows rapid gathering and indexing research in centralized, searchable repositories by subject so details never get lost again.

9. Super Simple Highlighter


The Super Simple Highlighter extension makes it easy to highlight and make notes on any webpage you’re reading right inside your browser. 

It’s a really handy tool for anyone who likes to mark up important stuff while researching online.

The best part is, all of your highlights and notes are saved privately so only you can see them. 

When you go back to a page you’ve marked up in the past, you’ll see everything just how you left it thanks to the extension storing your notes locally on your computer. 

So it kind of creates a special layered version of web articles just for you with your own custom highlights and callouts. Pretty neat!

Making new highlights is super straightforward – you just select some text, right click and pick a highlight color. 

You can choose from basics like yellow or pink. But there are also fun options like black redaction bars if you ever wanted to hide part of a sentence. 

And everything stays private and secure since it never leaves your computer.

Navigating pages with lots of your own highlights is simple too. The extension pops up a list to click through them. 

For really important finds, you can print or export all highlights as a simple text summary.

10. PrintFriendly


Benchmarking competitors sometimes necessitates studying their award-winning compositions offline to reverse engineer what works.

Yet their visual noise from headers, ads and sidebars limits focus on critically deconstructing techniques.

PrintFriendly declutters this by stripping webpages down to strictly textual content for simplified analysis via PDF saving.

Now industry knowledge is transportable without design distraction, helping ensure no loss of formatting and insights across devices for smarter writing replication later.

11. Google Dictionary


Reading niche blogs often means encountering complex industry lexicon.

Manually looking up words bogs you down instead of focusing on contextual comprehension.

Google Dictionary lets you instantly view definitions with just a double-click rather than disruptive copy-pasting into translators.

As lifelong learners, unlocking words that previously tripped us up aids retention and elevates articulation.

Over time, regularly referencing definitions through this frictionless extension helps seasoned bloggers continue enriching their vocabulary too.

12. Word Counter Plus


Word Counter Plus is like a digital tally keeper for your writing. Whether you’re writing an essay, a blog post, or just jotting down notes, Word Counter Plus helps you keep track of your word count, characters, and even sentences.

After installing Word Counter Plus, you’ll see a little icon in your browser. Click it, then start typing.

Word Counter Plus automatically updates in real-time, showing you how many words, characters, and sentences you’ve written.

Word Counter Plus takes the guesswork out of meeting word count requirements or keeping your writing concise.

It’s a handy tool for writers, students, and anyone who wants to keep track of their writing progress.

13. Grammarly


Grammarly is your friendly writing assistant that helps you write better.

It’s like having an English teacher in your browser, always ready to catch spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and even suggest better ways to phrase things.

Once installed, Grammarly automatically checks your writing as you type. It underlines mistakes and provides suggestions for improvement.

Whether you’re writing an email, crafting a social media post, or working on a school assignment, Grammarly has your back.

With Grammarly, you can write confidently knowing that your writing is clear, concise, and mistake-free.

14. What Font


WhatFont is like having a detective for fonts right in your browser. Ever come across a website with a font that catches your eye?

With WhatFont, you can easily identify any font on any webpage, helping you discover new fonts for your own projects.

After adding WhatFont to Chrome, you’ll see a little bookmark-like icon. Click it, then hover over any text on a webpage.

WhatFont will magically reveal the font name, size, line height, and color. It’s like having X-ray vision for fonts!

Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration or just curious about the fonts used on your favorite websites, WhatFont makes it fun and easy to explore typography.

15. ColorPick Eyedropper


ColorPick Eyedropper is like having a paint sampler in your browser. Ever come across a color online that you just love and wish you could use?

With ColorPick, you can easily pick any color from any webpage and use it for your own projects.

Once installed, ColorPick adds an eyedropper tool to your browser. Click it, then hover over any color on a webpage, and bam!

ColorPick tells you the exact color code. You can copy it with a click and use it in your own designs or projects. No more guessing or trying to match colors by eye.

16. Loom


Loom is your personal video recorder right in your browser.

Whether you’re explaining something to a friend, showing off a cool trick, or need to communicate visually, Loom makes it easy to record and share videos instantly.

After adding Loom to Chrome, you’ll see a little icon. Click it when you’re ready to record.

You can capture your screen, your webcam, or both at the same time. Once you’re done recording, Loom gives you a link to share your video with anyone you want.

Forget typing out long explanations or trying to describe things in text. With Loom, you can show, not just tell.

It’s perfect for tutorials, feedback, or just sharing fun moments with friends.

17. AIPRM for ChatGPT


AIPRM revolutionizes the ChatGPT experience with its curated prompt templates and advanced features, making it a game-changer for marketers and content creators alike.

With over 4000 professionally crafted prompts at your fingertips, ranging from blog titles to email responses, AIPRM eliminates the guesswork and streamlines content generation.

Its robust Prompt Management system caters to diverse needs, allowing users to effortlessly generate copy for service pages, social media posts, email campaigns, and more.

The free features, including team collaboration, custom profiles, and advanced prompt search, enhance productivity and efficiency.

Premium offerings such as custom tones, live crawling, and prompt forking provide unparalleled flexibility and customization.

With AIPRM, harnessing the power of ChatGPT for marketing endeavors has never been easier or more effective.

To use this, you need to sign up for an account with AIPRM and link your Open AI account to it and you’ll see the propmts on your ChatGpt new chat screen.

18. Speechify Text to Speech


Speechify Text to Speech extension offers a transformative solution for individuals seeking efficient and accessible text-to-speech functionality within their Chrome browser. 

With this extension, users can seamlessly convert written content into spoken words, facilitating enhanced accessibility, productivity, and multitasking capabilities. 

Whether tackling lengthy articles, academic texts, or emails, Speechify empowers users to listen to content on the go, allowing for effortless consumption of information during commutes, workouts, or other activities. 

The extension’s intuitive interface and robust features ensure a smooth user experience, while customizable settings cater to individual preferences for voice, speed, and playback controls. 

Speechify Text to Speech epitomizes convenience bridging the gap between written content and auditory comprehension with unparalleled efficiency.

19. Affilitizer


Affilitizer is an indispensable tool tailored for affiliate marketers seeking streamlined opportunities and enhanced productivity.

Offering a comprehensive suite of features, Affilitizer empowers users to efficiently discover and capitalize on affiliate marketing prospects across the web.

With its intuitive interface and robust search capabilities, users can swiftly identify affiliate programs relevant to their niche, ensuring optimal alignment with their marketing objectives.

From analyzing affiliate networks to tracking commission rates, Affilitizer provides invaluable insights to inform strategic decision-making.

Moreover, its customizable alerts and notifications keep users informed about new affiliate opportunities in real-time, enabling proactive engagement and swift action.

20. Lighthouse


Lighthouse is a tool that helps you improve the quality of your web pages.

It’s like having a virtual inspector for your website, checking for issues and suggesting ways to make it better.

With Lighthouse, you can find out if your site is fast, accessible, and follows best practices for web development.

It provides clear reports with recommendations on how to fix any problems it finds.

Whether you’re a web developer or a business owner, Lighthouse helps ensure that your website meets the highest standards for performance and user experience.

Final Thoughts On Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Boosting efficiency as an affiliate blogger means embracing tools that streamline our workflows so more time can be spent creating high-value content.

While Chrome alone provides a solid user experience, these 20 extensions help unlock the browser’s full potential specifically for our needs as content producers and researchers.

From instant grammar checks to simplifying screenshots to organizing materials, they target the common bottlenecks we face daily.

I encourage you to reclaim lost hours by implementing at least a few of these handy plugins.

At minimum, install the options aligning closest to recurring headaches for you personally. Then over time build up your customized Chrome environment catered to how you operate best.

The small one-time setup investment pays continuous dividends allowing you to better educate and engage readers.

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Abhigyan Mahanta

Abhigyan Mahanta

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