Brevo Review (Jun, 2024): An Honest Assessment Of Its Capabilities

by Abhigyan

Email marketing is a total must for any business wanting to boost sales and build stronger relationships with customers. 

It’s one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website, nurture leads, and turn casual browsers into loyal, repeat buyers. 

But with so many email marketing tools out there, it can be tricky finding the right one for your needs and budget.

That’s where Brevo comes in – an email marketing powerhouse designed to help businesses of all sizes craft beautiful campaigns that get opened, clicked and convert like crazy. 

With tons of cutting-edge features, outstanding deliverability, and killer analytics, Brevo has everything you need to level up your email game.

In this unbiased Brevo review, I’ll take you behind the scenes of this top-rated platform. 

You’ll discover exactly what makes it stand out from the crowd, from its slick drag-and-drop editor to advanced automation and list segmentation capabilities. 

I’m also going to break down the different pricing plans, plus give you the full lowdown on pros, cons, customer support and more.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have all the insider info you need to decide if Brevo is the right email marketing solution for your business.

You’ll be more than ready to hit the ground running and start sending kickass campaigns that’ll have your subscribers crazy excited to hear from you.

Disclosure: Some of the links I share might be affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission as a thank you. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything extra. I only recommend stuff I genuinely believe in. Your support helps me keep creating awesome content. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my disclaimer page.

Brevo, formerly know as Sendinblue, is a powerhouse email marketing and CRM solution on an important mission – to make professional-grade marketing tools accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Founded in 2012 by Armand Thiberge, Brevo was born out of a desire to empower companies through personalized customer connections and sustainable growth strategies. 

What started as a passion project in India and France has blossomed into a global phenomenon with over 500,000 customers worldwide.

At its core, Brevo is driven by the principle that every business deserves powerful marketing capabilities regardless of their budget or resources. 

That’s why they offer a free forever plan alongside their paid tiers, giving even solo entrepreneurs and non-profits access to an entire CRM marketing suite.

But don’t let the free price tag fool you – Brevo is overflowing with sophisticated, AI-driven features that allow you to laser-target customers like a huge corporate brand. 

The platform is available in six languages too, widening accessibility even further.

From humble beginnings, Brevo has attracted over $200 million in investment across two major funding rounds. 

They now have a team of 850+ “Brevonauts” dedicated to continuously improving and updating the software.

Part of Brevo’s meteoric rise can be credited to their ethical, community-focused mentality. 

They recognize the invaluable impact of non-profit organizations by offering special discounted pricing. Brevo also runs a free digital marketing academy providing training to uplift small businesses.

This socially-conscious approach is baked into Brevo’s DNA. The company is on a mission to create positive change that goes beyond just revenue metrics and growth hacking. 

Ultimately, they want to foster human connections and empower organizations to make a real difference.

So in a nutshell, Brevo is the full-stack marketing solution for any business craving powerful automation, segmentation, analytics, and cross-channel customer nurturing capabilities.

Brevo Marketing Platform

Brevo’s powerful marketing platform is a true game-changer packed with innovative features to supercharge your campaigns.

At its core, Brevo allows you to reach customers through pretty much any modern channel – email, SMS, WhatsApp, web and mobile push notifications, you name it. 

This omnichannel approach ensures your messaging cuts through the noise and gets in front of your audience where they’re most engaged.

Take Brevo’s email capabilities, for example. You can create jaw-dropping email campaigns with limited design skills thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop builder and professional templates. 

But it’s the personalization and automation where Brevo really shines.

Using machine learning, Brevo analyzes customer behaviors and preferences to determine the perfect send time for each individual. 

It then automatically fires off hyper-relevant emails crafted to drive maximum engagement and conversions.

Brevo’s SMS and WhatsApp messaging are equally impressive. You can run attention-grabbing SMS blasts or drip campaigns to customers’ mobile devices. 

Or use the WhatsApp integration to nurture leads through the world’s biggest chat app. With open rates obliterating traditional email, these are channels you can’t afford to ignore.

The platform is loaded with other must-have tools like smart landing page builders, pop-up forms to capture more leads, meeting schedulers, mobile wallet campaigns, and so much more. 

Brevo literally covers every base to attract new customers and keep them engaged for life.

But what really separates Brevo is its automation capabilities guided by artificial intelligence. The software lets you map out infinitely customizable customer journeys for different audience segments. 

Then it automatically nurtures each prospect along the path based on their behaviors and interests using machine learning models.

Brevo’s AI doesn’t just optimize campaigns either – it actively suggests ways to improve messaging for better results. 

The platform’s generative AI can even help craft high-converting subject lines, email copy, and creative assets in seconds. It’s like having an entire expert marketing team at your fingertips!

Brevo Sales Platform

While Brevo’s marketing capabilities are incredibly powerful, the platform doesn’t stop there. 

It also packs a full-fledged sales solution designed to streamline your entire revenue operation from prospect to closed deal.

At the core of Brevo’s sales hub is the visual pipeline management system. This lets you customize different deal stages to perfectly mirror your unique sales process and workflows. 

At a glance, you can see every prospect’s status and ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks.

But Brevo goes way beyond just basic pipeline tracking. The software is a true sales acceleration machine, automating away tedious manual tasks so your team can spend more time actually selling.

Looking to cut down on unnecessary admin work? Brevo can automatically schedule prospect meetings based on your availability and send personalized reminder emails and SMS messages. 

It can even trigger internal notifications and tasks based on deal stage changes to keep everyone aligned.

Speaking of team alignment, Brevo’s shared inboxes are a game-changer for boosting communication and transparency. Everyone stays looped in on all email conversations with leads and customers. 

You can also access a central repository of call recordings, notes, tasks, and files for seamless collaboration.

While admin automation is great, Brevo saves you even more time by minimizing data entry too. 

The software seamlessly logs every customer interaction, automatically updating contact details and deal info based on exchanges across channels like email, calls, live chat, and more. 

No more mindless data entry!

For sales managers, Brevo provides in-depth reports covering every metric that matters such as revenue, win rates, individual rep performance, and deal cycle times. 

You can easily spot pipeline bottlenecks or flag underperforming reps that need extra coaching.

What’s really impressive though is how Brevo’s AI enhances the core sales experience. 

Need help prioritizing which hot leads to tackle first? The AI models analyze your historical data to surface the prospects most likely to convert based on their behaviors and demographics.

Brevo’s machine learning tech can also assist with lead scoring, automated nurture sequences, and even suggesting the ideal talk tracks and discovery questions for initial prospect conversations. 

It’s like having an artificial sales assistant whispering winning strategies in your ear!

With Brevo’s intuitive sales tools, your team finally has the capabilities of a highly sophisticated sales organization, but without the clunky enterprise software bloat. 

Everything just works in one unified platform to maximize efficiency and wins.

Brevo Conversations Platform

Nowadays, customers expect to engage with businesses through multiple channels like website chat, social media, messaging apps, and more. 

Brevo’s powerful conversations platform makes it easy to deliver a consistently amazing experience no matter where your customers reach out.

At the heart of Brevo’s omnichannel approach is the universal inbox that centralizes all your conversations in one convenient hub. 

You can seamlessly jump between live chats, emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook comments, and every other channel without missing a beat. 

This unified view creates a smooth, cohesive experience for both your customers and support agents.

Of course, simply consolidating conversations isn’t enough on its own. Brevo gives you all the tools to truly elevate your customer communications game. 

Take the live chat functionality, for instance. You can strategically initiate chats with high-intent website visitors using behavioral data like pages viewed, source, geo-location and more. 

Or set up automated chat greetings triggered by certain actions.

From there, Brevo’s chatbots can take the reins for routine queries and requests. 

The AI is smart enough to handle multi-turn conversations, ask qualifying questions to better understand context, and even transfer complex issues to a human agent when necessary. 

No more making your customers repeat themselves!

Speaking of AI assistance, Brevo takes conversation support to the next level with generative AI capabilities trained on best-in-class training data. 

The software can automatically suggest more formal or casual response tones to mirror your brand voice. 

It can expand brief notes into longer, more professional-sounding messages. Brevo can even summarize full conversation histories to make transferring between agents seamless.

But communications is a two-way street. Sometimes customers just want to quickly self-serve without looping in an agent at all. 

That’s why Brevo offers visual calendar integrations, making it easy for people to book meetings or schedule calls according to your availability. 

You can also empower them to find answers independently through a chatbot-powered knowledge base.

No matter which channels your customers use, the conversations platform automatically logs every interaction, building up a comprehensive 360-degree profile in Brevo’s built-in CRM database. 

Your team has full context into each person’s history, preferences, and outstanding issues for more personalized, laser-focused service.

And of course, this entire experience is fueled by automation to boost team productivity and responsiveness. 

You can set up custom reply rules, canned messages, and automated triggers to ensure every inquiry gets addressed promptly while minimizing effort for your agents. 

Less busywork means more time for having thoughtful, meaningful conversations that build lasting customer relationships.

Brevo Messaging API

For businesses operating online, transactional emails, SMS and messaging app notifications are mission-critical. 

Password resets, shipping updates, payment confirmations – these real-time communications ensure your customers have a smooth, uninterrupted experience at every stage of their journey.

But as your company scales, reliably delivering these transactional messages can become a major technical challenge. 

That’s where Brevo’s powerful messaging API comes into play. It’s designed to handle your entire transactional messaging pipeline flawlessly with unbeatable deliverability.

At the core of Brevo’s API is robust transactional email capabilities that blow most standard SMTP servers out of the water. 

The infrastructure is built for speed and accuracy, guaranteeing 99% inbox delivery of your emails without any delays or failures. 

No more disappointed customers left wondering what happened to their order confirmation.

But Brevo doesn’t stop at just bulletproof email delivery. The API also supports omnichannel messaging across SMS and the world’s most popular chat apps like WhatsApp. 

This multichannel approach aligns with the modern customer preference of communicating on mobile and via rich messaging.

What really sets Brevo apart though is the level of customization and personalization baked into the messaging API. 

Using simple templating languages, you can dynamically populate transactional messages with custom content based on individual user data. 

That means including details like customer names, order details, product specifics and more with zero coding required.

From a development perspective, Brevo is about as simple as it gets. Integrating the messaging API into your existing tech stack is a total breeze. 

Brevo provides comprehensive guides, code samples and libraries for all the major coding languages and frameworks your devs already use like PHP, Node.js, Python, and more. 

Many popular CMS and ecommerce platforms are also pre-integrated with dedicated plugins.

As for managing the end-to-end process, Brevo’s messaging tools give you full transparency and control. 

The platform retains full logs of all transactional messages sent so you can audit deliverability, troubleshoot errors, and ensure compliance across different industries and regions. 

Developers can even build out two-way messaging workflows using Brevo’s robust inbound email parsing capabilities.

But what’s really powerful is how Brevo blends transactional and marketing messaging all under one roof on a unified platform. 

You can execute entire drip campaigns and automated journeys triggered by transactional events like purchases, sign-ups, and more. 

It’s a true 360-degree engagement solution for nurturing customers at every stage.

For any online business, transactional messaging isn’t just an nice-to-have… it’s a core fundamental requirement for success. 

With Brevo’s fully-managed messaging API, you can take this mission-critical capability off your plate and focus on what really matters – delivering amazing customer experiences without anything slipping through the cracks.

Brevo Customer Data Platform

Customers interact with brands across a dizzying array of touchpoints – websites, apps, email, physical stores, you name it. 

All these interactions generate valuable data that could inform smarter marketing and business decisions. 

But for most companies, that data remains siloed across numerous disconnected systems and platforms.

That’s where Brevo’s powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes into play. It acts as a centralized hub where you can unify all your customer data sources into coherent, consistent customer profiles. 

This single source of truth provides a full 360-degree view to drive personalization, segmentation, analytics and more.

What really sets Brevo’s CDP apart is its ability to ingest and unify data from virtually any source – whether that’s a CRM, marketing automation tool, customer service software, POS system, data warehouse, you name it. 

Using pre-built connectors and API integrations, you can continuously sync data in real-time for up-to-the-second customer insights.

But simply consolidating data isn’t enough on its own. Brevo’s CDP also gives you powerful tools to clean up and enrich that raw data into actionable intelligence. 

You can define custom data prep “recipes” with no-code transformations to standardize formatting, remove duplicates through advanced identity resolution, and calculate valuable metrics like customer lifetime value.

From there, Brevo allows you to structure and analyze the cleansed data using a flexible universal data model based on standard business objects and entities. 

This model makes it easy to surface insights, identify trends and behavioral patterns across your entire customer base through Brevo’s native dashboards and reporting tools.

Of course, robust data on its own is useless without the ability to activate it and translate those insights into real-world action. 

That’s why Brevo’s CDP comes fully integrated with the rest of the marketing, sales, and service clouds on a single platform.

With just a few clicks, you can sync your high-value customer segments and enriched profiles with Brevo’s other tools to power hyper-personalized campaigns and communications at scale. 

Automatically trigger tailored messages based on specific behaviors or belonging to segments like high-value or lapsed buyers. 

Or better yet, let Brevo’s machine learning models determine the ideal multichannel experience for each individual customer!

Brevo’s CDP is also invaluable for fueling more intelligent customer interactions through the conversations platform. 

Agents get full context into each person’s preferences, lifetime value, and other key traits for more relevant, personalized service. 

You can even automate certain responses or conversations paths using AI based on segment data.

At the end of the day, your customer data is one of your most valuable business assets. But it’s only as good as your ability to unify, cleanse, and ultimately activate it into engaging customer experiences. 

With Brevo’s CDP, you finally have a solution built to unleash your data’s full potential in a way that drives measurable value.

Brevo Pricing Plans

One of the biggest selling points of Brevo’s all-in-one marketing platform is just how accessible and affordable it is for businesses of all sizes and budgets. 

They offer a variety of pricing tiers to meet any need, from completely free up to enterprise-grade solutions for the biggest corporations.

At the entry level is Brevo’s perpetual free plan which, despite the $0 price tag, is packed with generous features. 

You get access to the entire core email marketing toolkit – a drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, signup forms, the works. Free users can send up to 300 emails per day to an unlimited number of contacts.

But Brevo’s free offering goes far beyond basic emails too. You also unlock SMS and WhatsApp messaging capabilities to reach customers on their mobile devices. 

The plan supports full transactional and behavioral emails like welcome series, cart abandonment campaigns, post-purchase follow-ups and more. 

It’s everything a small business or solo entrepreneur needs to start building their email list and engaging customers through automated campaigns.

Of course, free can only take you so far as your marketing needs evolve. That’s where Brevo’s starter plan at $25/month comes in. 

This unlocks much higher sending limits, unlimited daily emails, and zero Brevo logo branding on your communications. You’ll also gain access to basic reporting and analytics to optimize performance over time.

For more robust marketing automation, list segmentation, A/B testing and other advanced features, Brevo’s business plan at $65/month is the way to go. 

This tier is designed for larger ecommerce brands, agencies, and dedicated marketing teams that need to run sophisticated, data-driven campaigns at scale.


Every Brevo business account gets priority phone support, multi-user access, AI send-time optimization and cutting-edge audience analytics to dissect the behaviors and demographics driving conversions. 

It’s everything you need to level up your ROI with minimal bloat compared to some competing platforms.

But for enterprises and major corporations, Brevo offers custom-priced solutions to meet virtually any need. 

Enterprise accounts gain white-glove treatment with tailored onboarding, dedicated account managers, and enterprise-grade security controls. 

You can unlock advanced functionalities like sub-account management for specialized teams, role-based permissions, and priority integrations.

What’s great about Brevo though is that all paid pricing tiers include unlimited contact storage and the full product feature set. 

You’ll never get nickeled-and-dimed for things like adding more users, unlocking new tools or upgrading account limits. 

Everything is included upfront so you can scale and expand usage as needed without surprise fees.

In addition to the standard monthly recurring plans, Brevo does offer flexible pay-as-you-go options too. 

If your business has highly variable sending needs, you can pre-purchase email credits in bulk to use as you go without any monthly fees. 

You still get full feature access, but at a higher per-email rate compared to the monthly plans. Perfect for lower-volume senders or testing the waters before committing long-term.

Setting up a Brevo account is incredibly easy – no credit card or commitment is required. Simply sign up online with your email address and organizational details. 

From there you can start uploading contacts, designing emails and launching campaigns immediately on the free tier. 

Upgrading to a paid plan is just a couple clicks away whenever you’re ready to unlock more capabilities.

Brevo’s billing operates on a month-to-month basis charged automatically to your preferred payment method (credit card or PayPal). 

There are zero contracts or termination fees, so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time with no penalties. All charges are made securely through Brevo’s PCI-compliant payment processor.

Brevo Small Business Solution

Small business owners often faces the challenges of limited time, resources and budgets. 

Every dollar counts, and you can’t afford to waste time or money on bloated marketing tools promising the world. 

You need solutions built specifically for the hustle of running a lean, nimble operation.

That’s exactly what Brevo’s all-in-one platform delivers – a complete marketing tech stack designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

With Brevo, you get every essential channel, automation and analytics capability you need to attract and engage customers. All wrapped up in one affordable, easy-to-use package.

At the core of Brevo is best-in-class email marketing and automation to turn subscriber lists into revenue-generating machines. 

The intuitive visual tools make it simple to craft beautiful, on-brand emails that capture attention in crowded inboxes. 

From there, you can visually map out automated nurture sequences to guide new leads down your sales funnel while keeping existing customers coming back.

You can also send timely SMS and WhatsApp messages for announcements or limited-time offers. 

Even launch and track Facebook ad campaigns all from the same platform. This omni-channel approach ensures you’re connecting with audiences wherever they are.


To seal the deal, Brevo provides powerful live chat capabilities to have real-time conversations on your website. 

You can kickstart chats automatically based on visitor behavior or let customers self-serve with a chat bot. 

Every interaction is captured and logged in Brevo’s built-in CRM for future remarketing and personalized follow-ups.

Of course, converting website visitors into leads is crucial too. That’s why Brevo’s landing page and custom form tools are essential for capturing contact info and growing your database. 

Everything integrates seamlessly so no lead ever slips through the cracks between tools.

As your business grows, Brevo continues delivering sophisticated functionality like advanced reporting, A/B testing, send-time optimization and more. 

The platform’s AI and machine learning models provide in-depth customer analytics, intelligent automations, and data-driven personalization to maximize results.

All of Brevo’s apps and features work in concert to drive efficiency across your marketing, sales and support operations. 

No need to juggle separate point solutions and wrestle with integrations. Everything is unified in one place, freeing you up to work on higher impact activities.

Brevo Developer Solution

Brevo provides developers with all the tools and resources required to create amazing customer experiences at scale. 

With comprehensive guides, SDKs, and working code examples, it’s easy to tap into Brevo’s full stack of APIs for email, SMS, live messaging and more.

A key focus area for Brevo’s dev tools is empowering the seamless delivery of critical transactional communications like order confirmations, shipping updates, two-factor auth codes, account notifications and more. 

The SMTP email API allows you to programmatically create and schedule both individual messages and bulk sends with just a few lines of code.

The platform provides out-of-the-box capabilities to create personalized messages with dynamic content blocks tailored to each recipient. 

You can also track engagement metrics and delivery statuses in real-time to rapidly identify and respond to any issues.

From there, Brevo opens up even more integration opportunities spanning the entire marketing technology ecosystem. 

You can leverage APIs to sync contact databases, update audience lists, trigger automated marketing campaigns, manage subscriptions and compliance preferences and so much more. 

Brevo’s webhook functionality extends these integration capabilities even further by automatically firing off custom code in response to specific application events.

Brevo Enterprise Solution

For large organizations operating at an enterprise scale, creating coherent, unified customer experiences across every touchpoint is both a massive challenge and competitive necessity. 

You need robust marketing capabilities, but can’t afford to be locked into rigid, inflexible solutions as your needs evolve.

Brevo’s enterprise-grade solution is built to provide the agility and flexibility modern corporations demand. 

It combines all the power of Brevo’s best-in-class apps into one unified platform that plays nicely with your existing tech stack.

Your marketing team can effortlessly leverage real-time purchase behavior, support inquiries and sales intelligence to hyper-personalize communications at scale.

Of course, enabling those seamless experiences requires a solid data foundation. That’s where Brevo’s enterprise-grade customer data platform comes into play. 

You can ingest customer info from virtually any source, centralize it all in a flexible data model, and apply advanced cleansing, standardization, and identity resolution capabilities.


From there, the CDP allows you to surface insights through intuitive dashboards and data exploration tools. 

You can instantly see high-value audience segments, drill into key metrics like customer lifetime value, and feed that enriched data back into your marketing campaigns for precision targeting.

Another standout component of Brevo’s enterprise solution is the messaging API, which ensures reliable, real-time delivery of all your critical transactional communications. 

The API offers a 99.9% uptime SLA and is built for unlimited horizontal scaling so you’re never rate-limited no matter your volume.

You also get built-in personalization, content optimization, and multi-channel capabilities so every single transactional notification provides a best-in-class user experience consistent with your brand voice.

Brevo also brings enterprise-grade security and compliance to the table with an extensive data privacy and protection framework. 

You stay in full control of your data through granular role-based access controls and audit logs. 

And as needs change, Brevo provides flexible sub-account management so you can easily spin up new business units or subsidiaries.

Every enterprise account gets comprehensive tech support too. 

In addition to 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed response times, Brevo provides hands-on implementation services to ensure you hit the ground running. 

You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager as your guide every step of the journey.

Brevo Smart Automation Solution

For businesses looking to scale marketing efforts and maximize ROI, automation is absolutely crucial. 

Why spend countless hours on repetitive, manual tasks when smart workflows can handle the heavy lifting for you? 

Brevo’s Smart Automation solution harnesses the full power of AI and machine learning to streamline your entire marketing operation.

Using advanced models trained on millions of data points, Brevo can automatically optimize send times for maximum open rates based on each contact’s historical engagement patterns. 

The AI can also dynamically adapt email content blocks with personalized messages and product recommendations tailored to their interests and behaviors.

From there, Smart Automation allows you to effortlessly hyper-segment audiences and trigger targeted journeys with just a few clicks using Brevo’s predictive segmentation and lead scoring engines. 

You can automatically categorize contacts into lists like “high value customers,” “lapsed buyers,” “cart abandoners” and more based on AI-driven behaviors and demographic attributes.

This precise segmentation enables you to automate incredibly granular campaign sequences to re-engage dormant leads, cross-sell related products to existing customers, recover abandoned shopping carts, and so much more. 

Brevo makes it easy to automate literally every interaction along the customer lifecycle for maximum efficiency.

Of course, SmartAutomation isn’t just limited to standard marketing campaigns either. The solution powers intelligent automation for all your critical transactional communications like welcome emails, order confirmations, shipping notifications and more.

These trigger-based transactional emails get fired off automatically based on customer events, and can even be dynamically personalized using smart content blocks powered by Brevo’s AI tech. 

This ensures every interaction delivers a premium branded experience in harmony with your broader marketing efforts.

Brevo Retail & Ecommerce Solution

A huge part of Brevo’s retail solution is the native integration with all the leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more. 

This allows you to automatically sync real-time customer and order data directly into Brevo to drive personalized marketing campaigns. 

See up-to-the-minute metrics like revenue, new customers, popular products and more.

But Brevo goes a step further by also integrating with traditional point-of-sale systems used in brick-and-mortar stores. 

You can consolidate these offline transactions and customer activities with your ecommerce data into unified profiles. 

This single customer view provides unprecedented insights into shopping patterns, lifetime value, and other essential retail metrics.

Brevo’s automation engine truly shines by allowing you to trigger personalized messages based on any data point or customer behavior – whether that’s an online order, an in-store purchase, shopping cart abandonment. 

You can automatically fire off tailored communications across any channel like email, SMS, mobile push and even mobile wallet.


Speaking of mobile, Brevo’s platform enables cutting-edge capabilities for omnichannel retail experiences. 

For example, you can automatically send promotions or dynamic barcoded coupons directly to customers’ mobile wallets based on their locations or website activity. 

Or use live chat and chatbots to have real-time conversations guiding shoppers through the buying journey.

Transactional messaging is another key part of Brevo’s retail solution. 

The platform ensures critical messages like order and shipping confirmations, password resets, and more get delivered in real-time every time through a blazing-fast API integration. 

And of course, it captures all those customer interactions and triggers to further personalize future marketing based on their journeys.

Every component of Brevo’s platform works in concert to facilitate a true 360-degree view of your customers across all your sales channels. 

You can leverage that unified data to optimize product recommendations, finely segment audiences, reduce cart abandonment and drive repeat purchases through laser-targeted campaigns and content.

For retail brands looking to create cohesive experiences that turn one-time buyers into passionate brand advocates, Brevo provides all the tools you need in one seamless platform.

Brevo vs Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s pricing is based on the number of contacts you have, and it can get expensive quickly. With just 3,000 email contacts, you’ll be paying $70 a month, and there are still sending limits. 

On the other hand, Brevo’s pricing is based on the number of emails you want to send, with unlimited contact storage at no extra cost. 

The free plan is incredibly generous, offering 300 emails daily (that’s 9,000/month) and unlimited contacts. And for just $25 a month, you get a whopping 20,000 emails to send to your unlimited contacts!

Both Brevo and Klaviyo offer automation workflows that drive sales, behavior-based and website tracking event triggers, branching logic, and omnichannel capabilities that combine email, WhatsApp, SMS, and more. 

However, Brevo goes a step further by offering ecommerce integrations with major platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop. 

With Brevo, you can sync your customer data for more personalized campaigns, monitor retention metrics, analyze product performance, and gain insights to improve your marketing efforts.


Automation is a crucial aspect of email marketing, and Brevo has you covered. It offers equal custom options for complex workflows and ready-made scenarios for fast setup. 

Whether you’re welcoming new subscribers or chasing abandoned carts, Brevo’s automation capabilities can streamline your processes and boost your sales.

In addition to email marketing, Brevo offers live chat, push notifications, WhatsApp campaigns, and a landing page builder. 

This means you can engage with your customers on multiple platforms, increasing the chances of conversion and building stronger relationships.

Brevo vs Mailchimp

With Mailchimp, pricing is based solely on the size of your contact list across all audiences. 

So as your lists and business inevitably grow over time, your monthly bill keeps climbing higher and higher even if engagement levels stay flat.

Brevo turns this outdated model on its head by structuring pricing around email volume rather than overall contact counts. 

You pay a flat monthly fee to send up to a certain number of emails, but can store an unlimited number of contacts completely free even at the lowest pricing tier. 

No more worrying about keeping lists lean or pruning inactive users just to control costs!

This simple pricing shift has huge advantages, especially for businesses dealing with nurturing longer sales cycles or reactivating dormant leads. 

With Brevo, you can build gigantic master databases of every prospect that’s ever engaged with your brand without fretting about runaway fees. 

Then simply upgrade your monthly email volume whenever you need more sends. It’s marketing smartly, on your terms.

Of course, an affordable pricing model is meaningless without robust email capabilities to back it up. This is another area where Brevo’s modern platform architecture pulls ahead of Mailchimp’s limited offering. 

Just look at the feature comparison – Brevo’s free plan alone provides robust segmentation, marketing automation, and transactional email functionality that Mailchimp reservers for premium paid tiers.

With Brevo’s visual workflow builder, anyone can create sophisticated automated sequences like welcome series, abandoned cart flows, product retargeting, and more using easy drag-and-drop tools. 

You can precisely target these campaigns to hyper-specific audience segments based on psychographic behaviors and demographic traits. Mailchimp’s basic segmentation and email automation just can’t compete.


Furthermore, there is a lack of transactional email support in Mailchimp. This is an essential capability for any business sending critical account notifications, order updates, password resets and the like. 

With Brevo, transactional coverage is included with every plan. Unlike Mailchimp, Brevo delivers a true multi-channel experience. 

The platform provides built-in integration with live chat, SMS/WhatsApp messaging, landing page builders, Facebook ads and more to create cohesive customer experiences.

This lets you nurture leads through modern communication channels beyond just stale batch email blasts.

With Brevo, you can map people through intelligent cross-channel journeys with automated hand-offs between chat, email drips, SMS notifications and more based on individual behaviors. 

That level of personalization simply isn’t possible on Mailchimp.

And the gap only widens further when you factor in Brevo’s powerful AI/machine learning capabilities that utilize predictive data modeling for optimized campaigns. 

Everything from automated send-time optimization and predictive audience segmentation to dynamic content creation is turbocharged by trained algorithms.

At the end of the day, the choice between Brevo and Mailchimp is the difference between an antiquated email blast tool versus an intelligent cross-channel marketing automation suite. 

Brevo provides vastly more functionality to attract, nurture and convert modern customers in a privacy-compliant way while spending way less money.

Brevo vs Constant Contact

Both Brevo and Constant Contact provide typical drag-and-drop editors and template galleries to build basic messages.

But Brevo instantly separates itself by including dynamic content capabilities to automatically adapt emails with personalized text, images and offers tailored to each recipient.

Unlike Constant Contact, Brevo’s dynamic engine connects to your entire contact database, and you can go way beyond subject lines to customize literally every component of an email based on subscriber behaviors, purchase histories, interests and more.

Of course, that level of personalization is only possible if you have robust data and segmentation capabilities to intelligently organize your audience in the first place. 

Again, Brevo’s platform proves vastly superior by providing unlimited segmentation possible – both basic rules-based segments as well as dynamic smart lists that automatically update based on contact properties and actions.

Whether you want to group your database by simple attributes like location and industry or through complex behavioral clustering like RFM scoring and predicted lifetimes values, Brevo’s segmentation engine enables incredibly granular audience targeting that Constant Contact can’t touch. 

Having that level of precision translates directly into more relevant messaging and higher marketing ROI.


Speaking of ROI, Brevo helps maximize your email revenue with an entire suite of advanced optimization tools that Constant Contact is simply missing. 

A prime example is Brevo’s AI-driven send time optimization which automatically delivers each email campaign at the perfect moment based on individual open rate patterns.

Brevo provides predictive lead scoring, automated nurture sequencing, intelligent content suggestions, and so much more. 

By leveraging machine learning to streamline workflows while simultaneously improving audience targeting, Brevo helps your team achieve maximum output with fewer resources and effort required.

While Constant Contact is solely focused on inbox campaigns, Brevo allows you to create seamless experiences that capture leads on landing pages and web forms before nurturing them through triggered campaigns across email, SMS, live chat, social media, push notifications, and more. 

By centralizing all your audience data and communication tools in one place, Brevo makes orchestrating those unified journeys a breeze.

The list of Brevo’s capabilities that Constant Contact lacks goes on and on – website behavior tracking, ecommerce integrations, transactional email functionality via API, even full sales pipeline management if you need it. 

There’s simply no comparison when it comes to depth of features and ability to execute cohesive, full-funnel marketing strategies.

Brevo vs HubSpot

When it comes to marketing, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) software, HubSpot has muscled its way into becoming one of the biggest names around. 

But just because a brand is well-known doesn’t automatically make it the best solution – especially for small-to-medium businesses looking to cost-effectively scale their operations.

That’s where Brevo truly shines as a leaner, more agile alternative packed with equal or better functionality compared to HubSpot’s bloated offerings. 

From generous freemium plans to pay-as-you-grow pricing models, Brevo provides outstanding value without the sky-high subscription fees that HubSpot charges.

Take something as simple as contact management, which should be table stakes for any CRM tool. 

With HubSpot, you’re limited to just 15 million non-marketing contacts on the free plan. Want to actually use those contacts for email campaigns? 

Be prepared to shell out at least $20/month for every 1,000 just to access the bare minimum marketing functionality.

Brevo blows those arbitrary limitations out of the water by providing truly unlimited contact storage and 9,000 free email sends per month right out of the gate. 

That’s remarkably generous for any business to get up and running without restrictions. Only when you’re ready to scale up sending volumes do you need to upgrade to one of Brevo’s affordable paid plans starting at just $25/month.

Brevo provides best-in-class email marketing, lead nurturing, customer data management and multichannel engagement capabilities that HubSpot reserves for premium add-ons.


On the marketing automation side, Brevo shines by including unlimited visual workflow builders, unlimited segmentation, A/B testing, dynamic content creation and other advanced functionality completely out-of-the-box. 

HubSpot’s paid professional plan caps you at just 300 marketing automation workflows and lacks dynamic email content altogether.

This theme of Brevo offering more for less extends across the entire platform, from live chat and video meeting hosting to transactional email delivery via API, SMS/WhatsApp messaging, Facebook ad integration and beyond. 

Many of these mission-critical capabilities are prohibitively expensive add-ons for HubSpot users.

Even some of HubSpot’s core CRM functionality like managing sales pipelines, forecasting, lead scoring and deal tracking is available for free on Brevo’s platform with zero limitations on users or functionality. 

To get those same baseline CRM tools, HubSpot charges a staggering $500/month plus $1,250 in mandatory onboarding fees just for a small team of 5 sales reps!

When you look at the all-in cost to outfit a growing business with both the marketing and CRM/sales tools it needs, Brevo is hands-down the much more financially sustainable choice over HubSpot’s nickel-and-diming model. 

There’s no expensive onboarding or training required either – Brevo’s platform is purposefully designed to be user-friendly for solo entrepreneurs and non-techies.

But don’t let the affordable pricing and accessibility fool you – Brevo is truly an enterprise-grade solution that can scale up seamlessly as your business grows. 

Its AI-powered predictive analytics, advanced reporting, machine learning optimizations and customer data unification platform easily rival or exceed HubSpot’s corresponding offerings.

For the budget-conscious entrepreneur or small marketing team, the choice between Brevo and HubSpot is crystal clear.

Final Thoughts On Brevo

Whether you’re a small business just getting started with email marketing or an established brand looking to level-up, Brevo provides all the horsepower you need to drive tangible business growth.

With unbeatable capabilities around personalization, segmentation, automation, analytics and multi-channel integration, you’re getting a true best-in-class solution still surprisingly affordable for any budget.

There’s a reason why over 500,000 companies worldwide have already made the smart switch to Brevo as their marketing platform.

If you want to engage modern customers in more relevant, impactful ways, the cutting-edge AI and automation tools you need are waiting in Brevo.

Give Brevo’s free plan a try and see for yourself!

Brevo FAQ

1. Does Brevo offer a free plan or trial?

Yes, Brevo offers a free forever plan for its core products, including the Marketing Platform, Sales Platform, and Conversations. Also, they provide a 30-day free trial for Conversations Pro and free credits to test out Brevo Phone and WhatsApp campaigns. No credit card details are required to sign up for the free plan.

2. Does Brevo have an Enterprise solution?

Yes, Brevo offers an Enterprise solution with tailored onboarding, a dedicated success manager, priority technical support, multi-business unit management, and an ISO-certified security framework.

3. How easy is it to get started with Brevo?

Creating a Brevo account and getting started is straightforward and simple, thanks to their intuitive user interface. For Enterprise solutions, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide you through the onboarding process.

4. Does Brevo offer training and support resources?

Yes, Brevo Academy provides free online courses to help users become Brevo experts, and their Help Center offers a robust library of articles.

5. Can I import my data from other platforms to Brevo?

Absolutely! Brevo has custom integrations with major CRMs and email platforms like HubSpot and Mailchimp, allowing you to easily import your data. Additionally, Brevo’s open API allows any tool to integrate with their platform.

6. How does Brevo compare to HubSpot?

Brevo provides more value for money compared to HubSpot, with most of the same features but at a cost up to 60% less. Unlike HubSpot, which charges by the number of contacts, Brevo’s pricing is based on engagement. Brevo is also simpler to use and has a faster setup, especially for their Enterprise solution.

7. How does Brevo differ from Mailchimp?

While Mailchimp focuses primarily on email and SMS campaigns, Brevo is a full CRM suite offering a complete 360-degree customer view, marketing automation across multiple channels, and sales process streamlining tools. Brevo’s pricing is also more flexible than Mailchimp’s contact-based model.

8. What are the differences between Brevo and Klaviyo?

Unlike Klaviyo, which charges based on the total number of contacts, Brevo has a lower price point and provides opportunities to connect with customers across channels like WhatsApp, Mobile Wallet, Web Push, and Facebook Ads. Brevo offers features like individual send time optimization that Klaviyo lacks.

9. Does Brevo have a mobile app?

Yes, Brevo has a mobile app for Conversations and Phone, allowing you to stay connected on the go.

10. What integrations does Brevo offer?

Brevo has over 75+ integrations, including CMS and ecommerce plugins like WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Additionally, Brevo has an open API, allowing any tool to integrate with their platform.

11. Can I try Brevo’s advanced features before purchasing?

Yes, Brevo offers free trials and credits for various advanced features like Conversations Pro, Brevo Phone, and WhatsApp campaigns, allowing you to test them out before committing to a paid plan.

12. Is Brevo suitable for small businesses or startups?

Absolutely! Brevo’s free plan and affordable pricing make it an excellent choice for small businesses and startups looking for a feature-rich yet cost-effective marketing and sales solution.

13. Is Brevo GDPR compliant?

Yes, Brevo is fully GDPR compliant and takes data privacy and security very seriously. They have measures in place to ensure compliance with all applicable data protection regulations.

14. Can I use Brevo for e-commerce marketing?

Absolutely! Brevo has robust e-commerce integrations and features specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. You can sync customer data, set up automated campaigns based on customer behavior, and analyze product performance and revenue metrics.

15. Is it possible to migrate my existing email list to Brevo?

Absolutely! Brevo makes it easy to migrate your existing email list from other platforms. You can import your contacts and subscriber data using their integrations or by uploading a CSV file.


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