Verpex Review (Jul, 2024): Evaluating Reliability, Speed & Support

by Abhigyan

Have you struggled with unreliable cheap web hosts in the past that crashed your site during critical moments? Are complex admin panels giving you headaches each time you want to update a setting?

As an affiliate blogger managing multiple niche sites, I was desperate to find an affordable yet dependable hosting service that just works without frustrations.

That’s when a fellow blogger suggested I give Verpex a try.

Over the last few months, Verpex has proven to be a hidden gem among the overpromising budget hosts I’ve dealt with over the years.

Read this unbiased Verpex review below to see what makes it stand out – and more importantly, should you shift your site there?

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While loading times and uptime metrics looked good to me thus far, I wanted to run additional independent site speed tests through external tools as the acid test.

These benchmarking tools simulate varying visitor loads and locations to the site to gauge real world performance.

I ran automated checks over 1 week via services like Pingdom Website Speed Test, Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix and WebPageTest to remove subjective bias.

My Verpex hosted sites achieved grades of A or above consistently across metrics like page load times, request speeds and bandwidth usage.

The few recommendations like image compression, cache settings etc. were already expected tuning areas for me to focus on.

This confirms that performance is well tuned at the base hosting level for Verpex users to build upon further.

Stellar Uptime Reliability

The uptime percentage that a web host guarantees is the key trust indicator for users. This measures how reliably your website stays available online without any failures for visitors trying to access it.

After testing their services, I found Verpex delivered 99.97% uptime, beating the guarantees given in the service agreement.

I’m yet to face any unexpected outages even during peak traffic. This shows the stability and performance one can expect within Verpex’s shared environment capacity constraints.

For any website owner, it is great peace of mind knowing your online business or blog runs smoothly without worrying about downtime losses affecting revenue, search engine rankings or reader loyalty.

True Worldwide Hosting Network

With 12 data center regions spread across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific locations, Verpex offers flexibility in choosing hosting servers closest to your target audience for faster page speeds.

Whether you prefer hosting in Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Sydney or other major metro areas, Verpex likely has a server facility nearby to cater to website visitors from that geography.

Their globally distributed network is a plus for prioritizing site performance.


45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Many budget web hosting companies only provide short 30-day guarantees which is too little time to properly test services.

Verpex offers an industry-leading 45-day money back guarantee allowing new users over a month to evaluate their platform comprehensively.

If you face any deal-breakers or are unsatisfied with performance for your website in 45 days, you can simply contact support and receive a prompt refund.

This allows trying Verpex virtually risk-free even for production sites.

Control Panel and Management Interface

Having a clean, intuitive dashboard to manage all your hosting aspects is so important for ease of use.

Verpex delivers on this front with their customized cPanel implementation.

The layout and groupings make sense and help find what you need quickly among hundreds of options.

The shortcut buttons for common tasks like email setups, backups and domain settings help. Detailed resource usage graphs are available if you like to monitor traffic patterns.

They also provide WHM for server admins who need greater control. FTP access and file managers for code editing are catered for.

CLI, SSH access and Cron jobs can be utilized by power users. Automated and manual backups can be easily scheduled.

CDN, caching, URL redirects and other optimization features improve your site performance.

Verpex has taken steps to customize cPanel for greater simplicity while retaining advanced access for those needing it – striking a good balance.

Predefined config “recipes” for common site types like forums, ecommerce stores etc. would be a future nice-to-have.

24/7 Live Customer Support

Verpex provides reliable 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat and support desk ticketing for all subscribers – very useful for troubleshooting urgent issues any time, day or night.

Support engineers are well-trained in quickly diagnosing common problems. Most budget hosts tend to restrict off-hour support to just ticketing alone.

But Verpex assigns priority to round-the-clock assistance recognizing the critical nature of website infrastructure reliability for organizations.


Included Auto-SSL Certificates

Verpex installs free SSL certificates providing essential HTTPS encryption for all websites hosted on their platform through an automated checker that runs hourly.

The certificates renew automatically before expiry, maintaining secure site access continually.

As SSL certificates can cost $50 or more separately, getting them bundled by default with shared hosting plans saves significant costs annually.

It also enables HTTPS and padlocks even for novice users effortlessly, boosting site trust and SEO.

API Integrations & Web Hooks

Developers and agencies managing multiple client sites appreciate integrating Verpex accounts with their internal platforms and workflows.

Verpex facilitates API access to automate domain/subscription purchases, provisioning/deprovisioning accounts programmatically.

This allows syncing account lifecycles with ongoing billing and support tracking across client portfolios using internal tools.

Rate limiting ensures fairness among competing needs. Sensitive operations require additional levels of authorization however.

Web hooks also support custom notifications for account status changes like resource thresholds exceeded. Code repositories benefit from auto deploy hooks upon new commits.

File change triggers can refresh CDNs and cached versions automatically. Custom scripts can even attach to these events for extension.

Unlimited Free Migrations

Transferring existing websites over from another hosting provider is offered completely free by Verpex, regardless of the number of sites being migrated.

You can move 1 website or even 100 sites without worrying about migration costs and complexities.

Considering many web hosts charge per site and migration fees can add up quickly, unlimited free migrations provided by Verpex are tremendously useful – especially web developers and agencies managing large portfolios.

Extensive Knowledgebase

Verpex maintains an extensive knowledge on most common issues and questions faced when getting started with web hosting.

Topics ranging from choosing the right shared hosting package and DNS configuration to setting up advanced SPF filtering and securing WordPress are covered.

The visual interface lets you browse by hosting product category or use quick search to find answers instantly without needing to contact support.

Key elements useful for beginners like step-by-step setting up your first email account under 3 minutes or troubleshooting speed optimization techniques carry screenshots explaining each selection in the control panel.

Video tutorials provide further visual aid for complex tasks like migrating an existing website from another host using their transfer tool.

With regular additions made, nearly every web administration chore has a tutorial assisting smooth self-help.

For urgent unresolved problems, live chat and phone support continues to be available as backup.

But the knowledgebase provides an excellent first reference consolidating institutional wisdom. Worth bookmarking for any Verpex subscriber!

The aim is providing users basic to advanced tutorials allowing managing hosting needs independently or at least determine potential issues accurately before having to contact support.

For new customers, exploring the Verpex knowledgebase prepares greatly in leveraging control panel capabilities optimally.

Reliable Daily Backup Protection

Unforeseen issues like faulty updates or accidental deletions make regular backups crucial. Verpex creates daily backups of all hosted sites retaining the latest 7 copies.

This spans complete account data – files, databases, emails and configurations.

Backups run overnight minimizing performance impact and are easily restorable from cPanel directly without needing support.

You can download entire site archives or restore selected folders, files or databases precisely.

With reliable daily backups for the past week, any catastrophic failures or major mistakes can be swiftly undone to previous known working states in minutes.

This tremendously reduces data loss risks and downtown.

With the essential protections above, Verpex proves itself as a secure and resilient web hosting platform preventing threats while simplifying deployments for worry-free user experiences.

Smooth One-Click Installs

Verpex incorporates the popular Softaculous auto-installer platform offering one-click deployments for over 320+ common web apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more.

The apps are pre-configured for optimal stability and security out-of-the-box. Installing complex platforms like PrestaShop ecommerce stores becomes hassle-free without tech hurdles saving great effort.

Apps run securely sandboxed from other sites minimizing risks. Regular auto-updates ensure you always have the latest versions with vulnerability patches.

Backups before major upgrades provide rollback protection. With a few clicks, even beginners can setup robust web apps through Verpex’s Softaculous integration.

The convenience of quick no-code installs while retaining layered defenses is invaluable.


Robust Imunify360 Website Security

Verpex utilizes Imunify360 for comprehensive website security against cyber threats.

This advanced firewall continuously monitors all hosted sites to detect and block hack attempts, suspicious traffic, malware injections etc.

Heuristic analysis examines traffic patterns and flags anomalies protecting sites from zero-day attacks even before vulnerability lists are updated.

Brute force login protection, IP blacklists, SPF/DKIM email authentication etc further enhance security.

Imunify360 actively scans website code and files for malware implants or suspicious executions, quarantining risks.

The firewall rules analyze over 70 parameters defining acceptable behavior to restrict malicious activities.

Web application firewall checking via mod_security integration sanctions unauthorized SQL injections, cross-site scripting and other OWASP top threats.

DDoS shield, reputation management and real-time alerts supplement Imunify’s multi-layered defense ensuring all-round safety.

Developer Friendly Options

Developers have additional considerations and preferred options when evaluating hosting providers.

Verpex does cater to popular DevOps needs in shared hosting plans itself as outlined below:

  • Supports latest PHP 8.1, Node.js, Python, Ruby & frameworks like Laravel, Django out-of-the-box
  • Git-based deployment workflows possible via SSH and SFTP access provided
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL & Redis database options available with PHPMyAdmin
  • Code debugging via Xdebug module integration on request
  • Staging environments can simulate production testing readily
  • Cron jobs, REST API access and CLI support for automation
  • Horizontal scalability possible via load balancing additional resources

Site Staging & Cloning

Verpex provides 1-click site staging or cloning to instantly create replica copies into separate environments. This proves invaluable for teams collaborating before deploying changes.

Staging helps test major redesigns, platform upgrades, migration rehearsals etc. without impacting live production sites serving visitors already.

Developers use cloned drafts for new features that can sync back upon final testing.

Easy creation of such disposable mirrored sites that share the same database backend removes release anxieties.

Test deployment repetition till confidence is gained reduces business risks for clients.

Of course resource usage gets duplicated so housekeeping is needed to avoid doubling active sites long term. But utilized judiciously, staging and cloning accelerates experimentation.

Version Control & Git Workflows

While cPanel’s file manager allows web editing files directly, professional developers prefer Git-based version control for code updates. Verpex servers support such workflows readily.

The open-source Git software can be installed to create local repositories with branching strategies ideal for team collaborations.

Version histories allow tracing back changes or reverting botched updates securely.

SSH logins and SFTP make pushing code changes simple after initial server authentication. Post-update trigger hooks are also configurable to auto-deploy sites upon each code commit.

Testing on staging copies prior to production sync adds rigor.

Integrations with GitHub, BitBucket pipelines further help. Guide bot tutorials assist novice users of Git version control through web articles and chat for simplified adoption.

Secondary DNS Setup

Verpex automatically assigns DNS servers from their side for domains hosted on their platform.

However, web experts advise setting up secondary DNS with an external provider as well for failover redundancy in case of any infrastructure issues on Verpex’s side.

I was easily able to configure secondary nameservers for my domains via Cloudflare DNS servers in just a few clicks from within cPanel.

This provides peace of mind that site visitors can still access my site by resolving domain to IP address even if Verpex has an outage.

You can use any reputable DNS service like Google, AWS for the secondary setup. Just remember to match the same DNS records from Verpex for seamless failover.

Verpex Shared Web Hosting Plans

Verpex offers three tiers of Shared Web Hosting Plans catering to different needs and budgets.

Starting with the Bronze plan, it’s an all-in-one hosting package perfect for launching a single website quickly.

With instant setup, you can get your website online in no time, attracting visitors effortlessly.

For just $0.59 per month, you get a comprehensive package including 30GB NVMe SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, a free domain registration or transfer, SSL certificates, migrations, daily backups, and more.

This plan is an excellent choice for those looking to establish their online presence efficiently.


The Silver plan, priced at $0.99 per month, offers superior hosting capabilities, allowing you to manage up to 100 websites seamlessly using the renowned cPanel.

With 50GB NVMe SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and the same set of features as the Bronze plan, it’s an ideal option for individuals or businesses looking to host multiple websites without compromising on performance or reliability.

For those with more extensive hosting needs, the Gold plan provides unlimited website hosting, ensuring that you can expand your online presence without limitations.

At just $1.49 per month, you get 100GB NVMe SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and all the essential features included in the previous plans.

Whether you’re a growing business or an ambitious individual with multiple online projects, the Gold plan offers scalability and performance with no downtime.

Regardless of the plan you choose, all Verpex Shared Hosting Plans come with LiteSpeed Webserver, cPanel Control Panel, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and additional features to enhance your hosting experience.

Plus, by opting for the 36-month plan, you can save up to $280, making it a cost-effective solution for your long-term hosting needs.

Verpex Reseller Hosting Plans

Verpex offers three distinct Reseller Hosting Plans tailored to meet various needs.

The Start-Up Reseller Plan is ideal for individuals managing their own websites or handling a few clients.

With support for up to 15 cPanel accounts, it provides ample resources including 50GB NVMe SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 2GB LVE RAM per cPanel.

Priced at $17.90 per month, you can save up to 90% with a renewal rate of $1.80 per month.

Additionally, opting for the 36-month plan offers savings up to $1000 along with a complimentary domain.


For those seeking more advanced capabilities, the Pro Reseller Plan is recommended.

Tailored for established agencies and resellers with a solid client base, it allows creation of up to 50 standalone cPanel accounts.

Priced at $29.90 per month, you save 90%, with a renewal rate of $2.99 per month.

This plan offers expanded resources including 250GB NVMe SSD disk space and 2GB LVE RAM per cPanel.

The Ultimate Reseller Plan is designed to offer unparalleled performance with no restrictions on disk space.

Priced at $59.90 per month, you save 90% with a renewal rate of $5.99 per month. This plan includes 400GB NVMe SSD disk space, 4GB LVE RAM per cPanel, and supports 50 cPanel accounts.

With 24/7 tech support, free SSL certificates, migrations, and domain registration/transfers, Verpex ensures a comprehensive hosting solution for resellers of all levels.

Verpex Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Verpex Managed WordPress Hosting plans cater to various needs, starting with the Growth package, which is perfect for emerging businesses seeking efficient and affordable online expansion.

Priced at $14.99 per month, it offers essential tools like 10GB disk space, 50GB bandwidth, free domain registration/transfer, staging website, free SSL certificates, Imunify Protection, and 24/7 expert support.

For those aiming for a higher standard, the Professional package steps up the game. Priced at $20.99 per month, it provides 25GB disk space, 200GB bandwidth, and similar features to the Growth plan.

The Expert package, priced at $35.99 per month, is tailored for top-tier players requiring the best-in-class services. It offers 100GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth, and additional features similar to the other plans.


What sets Verpex apart is its expertise in WordPress hosting. Their solutions utilize cutting-edge cloud technology and are managed entirely in-house by hosting experts.

Verpex ensures full management of WordPress installations, including core updates and plugin management, easing the burden on users.

Additionally, they offer free migrations, domain registration or transfer, and 24/7 expert support.

Security is a top priority, with features like CloudLinux and Imunify Web App Firewall safeguarding against malware attacks.

With fast performance optimized for SEO, Verpex aims to provide a secure and efficient hosting experience. Plus, daily backups and free SSL certificates further enhance website security.

Verpex Managed Cloud Servers Plans

Verpex offers a range of Managed Cloud cPanel Servers designed to cater to different website hosting needs.

Among them, the Managed Linux Server – D4 is a popular choice for those looking to upgrade from shared cloud environments.

With 4GB of dedicated RAM, 80GB of dedicated NVME disk space, and 2 dedicated Xeon vCPUs, it provides sufficient power for most websites.

Priced at $23.40 per month (renews at $38.90/mo), it includes unlimited traffic, support for cPanel/WHM, backups, SSL certificates, an app installer, and 24/7 support.

For those requiring greater capacity, the Managed Linux Server – D16 is recommended.

With 16GB of dedicated RAM, 320GB of dedicated NVME disk space, and 8 dedicated Xeon vCPUs, it’s suitable for complex sites or agencies.

Priced at $71.40 per month (renews at $119.00/mo), it offers similar features as the D4 plan but with higher specifications.

The Managed Linux Server – D8 provides vast resources for hosting multiple websites or a smaller number of busy e-commerce sites.

With 8GB of dedicated RAM, 160GB of dedicated NVME disk space, and 4x dedicated Xeon vCPUs, it’s priced at $41.40 per month (renews at $69.00/mo).


Verpex’s Managed Cloud Servers come with various benefits, including unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates, and the ability to operate multiple websites.

It also includes customizable firewalls, 24/7 monitoring, free migrations, daily backups, PCI compliance assistance, and robust security features such as CloudLinux and the Imunify Web App Firewall.

Additionally, all managed cloud servers have network port speeds of at least 1Gbit/s and the option to add Redis and Memcache for enhanced performance, particularly for advanced websites powered by Magento and WordPress.

With Verpex, customers can find a managed cloud server plan tailored to their specific requirements while enjoying reliable performance and comprehensive support.

Domain Registration & Domain Transfer

Verpex stands out in the domain registration and transfer arena by offering an extensive suite of tools and features tailored to meet the diverse needs of website owners.

When you register a domain with Verpex, you’re not just securing a web address; you’re gaining access to a robust set of contact management tools.

These tools empower you to effortlessly manage registrant, admin, and technical contacts associated with your domain.

Whether you need to update contact details, execute trades, or initiate transfers, Verpex provides intuitive controls to streamline the process, putting you firmly in control of your domain’s management.

One of the most reassuring aspects of registering a domain with Verpex is the assurance that your domain will always remain under your own name.

This commitment to maintaining ownership integrity ensures that you retain full control over your digital identity, without the risk of compromising your domain’s future.

Additionally, Verpex goes the extra mile by including free WHOIS privacy protection with every domain registration.

This vital feature shields your personal information from public view, safeguarding your privacy and security without incurring any extra costs.


Transferring a domain to Verpex is a hassle-free process thanks to their straightforward procedures and transparent policies.

Verpex eliminates the worry of hidden fees associated with transferring domains out by providing clear instructions on unlocking your domain and obtaining authorization codes.

Moreover, their 24/7 expert support is readily available via multiple channels, including live chat, phone, and email, ensuring prompt assistance whenever you need it. 

With Verpex’s intuitive dashboard and tailored domain notifications, you can stay informed about critical updates and manage your domains with ease.

Verpex’s commitment to transparency extends to their pricing structure, which is free of hidden charges. 

Whether you’re registering a single domain or transferring multiple domains in bulk, Verpex offers competitive rates without compromising on quality or service. 

Their dedication to simplifying processes and providing exceptional support underscores their mission to make domain registration and transfer as seamless and efficient as possible. 

With Verpex, you can trust that your domain will always be in good hands, allowing you to focus on what matters most: building and growing your online presence.

Is There A Verpex Hosting Discount Code?

Yes, you can use the coupon code “AWESOME” to get 20% off your first order.

Long Term Viability Indicators

Hosting a site’s digital presence and data on any provider’s infrastructure warrants evaluating long term sustainability aspects before committing years of investment on the platform.

Some indicators for Verpex I analyzed in this context that provide confidence in their relative stability so far:

  • Bootstrapped business operational for over 10 years now
  • Profitable since early days allowing self-sustenance
  • Employee strength grew steadily indicating financial health
  • Services portfolio expanded slowly without overreach
  • Founders still involved operationally shielding disruption
  • No major investor biases pressure existential pivots
  • Growing but niche customer base reduces fickle loyalty risks

Final Thoughts On Verpex Hosting

After thoroughly evaluating various aspects like reliability, speed, support channels and ease of use across a dozen criteria, I can conclude that Verpex does deliver as an affordable and capable hosting provider for personal websites and small businesses to consider.

The 45 day refund policy allows testing their shared hosting risk-free while availability uptimes, page load speeds and cPanel usability surpass typical budget host offerings.

Managed WordPress optimization and free site migrations further add value catering to wider needs.

While more advanced cloud infrastructure may serve certain high traffic or enterprise use cases better despite higher costs, Verpex punches well above its low pricing for most mainstream website hosting requirements.

If you prioritize a balance of performance, ease of use and competitive long term value when choosing a hosting provider for startups, blogging or domain registration needs, I suggest giving my top recommended pick – Verpex a try.

Their reliability and transparent pricing have continually impressed me as an excellent bang-for-buck service perfect for dipping your toes safely with web hosting tasks. You have nothing to lose!

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